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Official release date: 6th October 2015

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The Stryd come from the outskirts of Rome, hardcore neighbourhoods where young people easily fall into criminal gangs, become truck drivers or musicians. In a certain sense The Stryd embrace all these elements. They play the twistedness of our times at a supersonic speed. You'll love it, you'll dance like there's no tomorrow because that is how it really is - time is running out. Strange as it may seem Stryd actually means "struggle".

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The Stryd Limited Edition Digipack CD

Also available as Limited Edition Digipack CD and digital download from Sharawaji Records. 


Limited Edition Digipack CD / Digital Download



The Stryd's debut release eponymously titled "The Stryd" will be released by Sharawaji Records as a Limited Edition Digipack CD on Tuesday 6th October 2015.

The album features 12 original tracks of punk power-pop that reflect the twistedness of our times at supersonic speed.

If you enjoy well-crafted songs, and the rock n roll of The Ramones, The Undertones, The Jam, and The Buzzcocks you'll think, you'll dance, you'll sing - and relate to every word. 

The Stryd

Limited edition CD digipack available for pre-order now.





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